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What is an Enlightenment Intensive?

Select one of these questions and sit down with a partner.

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?

(You could also work on What is life?, What is another?, or What is love?)

With confidence, from a base of pure, open awareness, intend to know the truth directly using your question as the focus. This is contemplation.

Communicate to your partner whatever comes up from contemplating your question. Your partner listens and understands, without judging or giving feedback.

Do this for about 12 hours a day for from three days to six weeks, half the time being an active contemplator and half the time being an attentive listener.

Maintain silence, one-pointed focus, and mindful presence with your question during sitting, eating, resting, walking, sleeping, and all other non-partner activities.
The staff provides complete support so you are not distracted from your contemplation.

Just go deeper and deeper and deeper. Go through whatever you have to go through. See where it takes you.

This is an Enlightenment Intensive.

Enlightenment Intensive Dyads
Here is a complete description of the dyad as it is used for Enlightenment Intensives and Zoom Dyad Retreats. This is good for newcomers as well as people who
have attended these practices and would like a refresher.
Click here to read: Enlightenment Intensive Dyads.

Instructional Video on Dyad Communication
This beautiful video teaches the process and guidelines for participating in Zoom dyad gatherings. It was created by Katrin Potticary, founder of Path of the Heart Counseling, LLC, to introduce dyads to her counseling clients. (

Link to the video:

Early History of the Enlightenment Intensive
This is a talk given by Edrid at the first “Master’s Talks and Dyads on Zoom” session created by Smaran and held on April 6, 2022 on Zoom. Click here to listen.

Something New to Try: One-Minute Plunge Meditations
We approach a one-minute meditation as a "plunge." You plunge into it. You cast away, let go of, and drop everything. You dive in. Your focus is 100% on your topic. You become completely open to the truth that your topic points to.

Download a description of the Plunge Meditations and a list of topics.
Intensive Listings
Many Enlightenment Intensives are held each month around the world. You can find them on the web at various sites. Try:
Or just Google “Enlightenment Intensives”

Self & Other Newsletter Archive

These newsletters are a great resource for learning about Enlightenment Intensives. They include articles
written by masters and participants, accounts of enlightenment experiences, and other inspirational writings.

Go to the Newsletter Archive

(You need the Adobe Acrobat reader to read the PDF versions. You can get it for free at

Books, Videos, and Stuff

A Booklet About Dogzen

by Edrid

Cultivating Naked Awareness is a little 50-page booklet about Dogzen. It's presented as a series of 10 lessons
about how to cultivate naked awareness in your daily life. This is similar to the material originally presented
in the Dogzen Email Newsletters, with some additions and improvements. If you want to investigate Dogzen,
this course provides most of the information you need to get started.

Free PDF version
You can download the booklet and the accompanying audio files by going to the Sandoth Share page. Click this

Tatagata Tea Ceremony

Tatagata - Style
Tea Ceremony

by Edrid

A western version of the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, emphasizing the cultivation
of full presence and being in the moment. The Tea Ceremony can help you cultivate the state of
naked awarenes that is described in the Dogzen practices which are contained in the above 50-page booklet.

Special Acknowledgement: To Forest, who brought Tatagate-Style Tea Ceremony to life.

Go to the Tatagata - Style Tea Ceremony

veil_poems_of_transformation Veil, Poems of Transformation,  a collection of poems that express a lifetime of growth, healing and personal transformation, by Christie Victress Close, aka Pitaka.
Inspirations book cover
Inspirations: Collected Poems and Quotations for the Mind and Heart, an anthology by Osha Reader, is available at Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, or through Amazon Smile, which will generate a free donation to Origin to support the scholarship fund. If you’d like a signed copy, please send Osha an email and she'll get one in the mail to you.
The Enlightenment Intensive by Lawrence Noyes
The Enlightenment Intensive:
The Power of Dyad Communication for Self Realization
, Nov. 1, 2018 by Lawrence Noyes 
Updated from 1998 book with added perspectives, interviews and a new chapter. 

Mind clearing by Alice Whieldon Mind Clearing: The Key to Mindfulness Mastery, by Alice Whieldon (Author), Lawrence Noyes (Foreword)
This book offers a fresh approach for mental and physical health practitioners wishing to expand
their practice and for individuals wanting to improve health and happiness at a fundamental level.
book cover: You God Love Life
Enlightenment: Accelerating Self Realization Enlightenment: Accelerating Self Realization by Yoah Wexler, PhD

Enlightenment: Accelerating Self Realization
DVD video about enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive by Yoah Wexler, PhD.
An excellent introduction to the Enlightenment Intensive.

Relating and Spiritual Consciousness

Relating and Spiritual Consciousness;
by Charles Berner

Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive

Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive, Volume 1 ;
by Charles Berner

Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive

Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Intensive, Volume 2;
by Charles Berner

Holistic Yoga

Holistic Yoga: Well Being for Body, Mind and Spirit
by Charles Berner

Kindle Edition only

After Death Experience

Knowing Your Self


Knowing Your Self: 100 Self Awareness Exercises;
by Yoah Wexler, PhD

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